PNG Live Aboard – Outside Edge Adventures


The rivers and reefs of the Bismarck Sea Papua New Guinea have largely been unexplored by sport fishermen around the world. The live aboard charters in PNG will allow you to go on a journey to explore these such rivers and reefs. Fish the river systems for black and spot tail bass or head to the reef systems targeting dogtooth tuna, sailfish and Blue marlin. This will be the ultimate fishing safari mixed with an amazing cultural experience from the people of Papua New Guinea.


The packages on offer are for short trips (minimum 5 days) and extended trips up to 8 days. A week is highly recommended to allow you to explore all on offer in Papua New Guinea.

How Many People Can Go ?

We require 4 confirmed guests to make a booking. In the event you are 3 or under please suggest dates. We will then try to match you up with another group or notify you when we find more people. Note for bookings for 1, 3 or 5 people, accommodation is based on twin share which may result in sharing a room with someone from another group. The 4 package options are: A: Ultimate Black Bass Package - maximum of 8 guests B: Ultimate Black and Blue water - maximum of 6 guests C: Ultimate Deep Blue - maximum of 6 guests D: Ultimate Marlin - maximum of 6 guests

When Does It Operate ?

The best time to fish the rivers for Black bass is April to November. If you wish to do blue water fishing the best months are April until June and October until mid December.

What is the Cost ?

All inclusive, Starting from $5740 - 5days/6nights. The prices will vary depending on which of the 4 package options you are after. It is best that you contact the team at Outside Edge Adventures for package options and prices.