Darwin – Outside Edge Adventures


NORTHERN TERRITORY BARRA AT ITS FINEST!!  When people think of Barramundi fishing, Darwin and it’s surrounding wetlands is often the first place on peoples minds.  All year round Darwin offers anglers a fantastic opportunity to target Australia’s most iconic fish in one of Australia’s most iconic destinations.  This package will give you the opportunity to fish the local Darwin river systems and billabongs or head on an extended trip to Endaylgout Island on the western side of Coburg peninsula.  Whatever your request, Outside Edge Adventures will be there every step of the way to make this trip to the NT one you will be talking about for years to come.

How Long Is It For ?

Darwin Barra fishing offers an opportunity to experience 2 days fishing and can also organise packages for 2 weeks. If you are wanting to fish the run off (generally March - May), trips from 2-10 days can be organised and prices will be based on number of people per boat. Extended trips to the Coburg peninsular to fish the Mini Mini system are for 4 - 7 days. The Mini Mini system consists of 8 large coastal creeks which interlock forming dozens of island and cut through channels. Upon inquiry, the team at Outside Edge Adventures will communicate all of your options for however many guest you have.

How Many People Can Go ?

Boats can accommodate anywhere from 2-4 people including your local guide. The boats are custom built plate boats between 6m and 6.5m in length. The Run-Off trips can accommodate smaller groups of 2-4. A minimum of 6 guest are required for an extended trip however if you are somewhat flexible on dates, we can always try and jungle you around to other groups to make up the numbers.

When Does It Operate ?

The time of year and best tides will always be communicated by the team at Outside Edge Adventures. Run Off trips will generally be from late March to early May depending on the amount of rain from the wet season. The tides with big movement during this time are generally the best. The best time of year to fish the extended trips to the Mini Mini system is from late August to early November but we are able to fish it from late May to late November depending on the wet season. Fishing this area is tidal dependant so there are particular date ranges which can provide on request.

What is the cost ?

Day rate - Starting from $350 per person per day. 4 - 7 days remote packages to Arnhem land starting from $5000 per person