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Summer Fishing Tips

Maybe this is the summer you pick up a rod for the first time, or maybe you’re a seasoned veteran on the docks.

Either way, check out these tips from former cricketer, and Outside Edge Adventures founder and fishing fanatic, Nathan Reardon for upping your fishing game this season.

  •  Don’t knock it until you try it - there’s a reason more than 5 million Australians tackle fishing. From reaping the mental and physical challenges involved, escaping the stress of your everyday to reveling in the excitement of a catch with mates.-It’s no wonder its the most popular sport in Australia.
  •  Get a fishing guide – we don’t physically have time in our lives to be great at fishing, so being with a guide - especially one that’s local - helps you know the ropes quickly and without stress.
  •  Plan! -  a lot of people who don’t know much about fishing probably think you put a bit of bait and throw it into the water. But, there’s a lot of preparation needed before a successful trip - like the finding the right kind of boat, rod, bait, region and feeding times.
  •  Be teachable - even the world’s best fisherman or fisherwoman are still learning how to improve their techniques. Doing your research or learning from a guide or expert can give you new perspective and skills.
  •  Try things that you haven’t tried before - there are other options than just targeting  fish off the bank. Be open minded to the alternate fishing styles out there.
  •  Explore new destinations – travelling to different places can take your fishing to a whole different level. We create bucket-list fishing trips, to help you catch those elusive species like the black bass or marlin or help challenge your fishing game.