Shhh…Glen Innes is a great place to visit – Outside Edge Adventures

There is a lot to love about Glen Innes

The thing I love most about my business Outside Edge Adventures is the travel and the opportunities to discover places all over the world.  Last week I got to visit the picturesque town of Glen Innes.  

If you asked most people what they know about Glen Innes the response would probably be along the lines of it is freezing cold and it is the Celtic capital of Australia.  I can assure you both of those answers are certainly correct!  Maybe why a scotch by the wood fire was the highlight of my trip, oh and the Murray Cod fishing of course.

Outside Edge Adventures has just started our new online series, which I host sporting stars on fishing and adventure trips around Australia.  During my visit to Glen Innes I bought along Australian cricketer and good mate Matthew Wade who was over the moon to land his first Glen Innes Murray Cod.  One thing that we loved about our visit was that fishing is certainly a bonus in this part of the world.  The adventure involved is just as impressive.  If you like the outdoors, you need to visit Glen Innes and walk the gorges of the Severn river in search of these beautiful iconic species.  

If I am painting a picture that all you can do in Glen Innes is bounce over rocks trying to catch fish, wrong! Although we love the outdoors my highlight as mentioned was probably sitting next to the wood fire on a comfortable leather lounge sipping on a scotch.  If I am speaking your language now, I highly recommend another aspect of the Glen Innes region and that is the homestay’s and Bed and Breakfast options available.   We were lucky enough to stay at River Glen B and B, just a short drive out of Glen Innes and situated on the Severn river, Dundee.  We were greeted with true country hospitality.  A fire on the river with scones and billy tea, followed by a home cooked roast lamb and pavlova and I certainly don’t need to mention how enjoyable the fire was again.  Wake up in the morning, once the frost has passed and feed the countless farm animals and your certainly get a taste of the country atmosphere.

Glen Innes certainly appeals to everyone no matter what your interests.  If you like fishing and adventure you will have a good time however if you just want to relax with the family and take in the beautiful colours of the populus trees and enjoy country hospitality, Glen Innes is your town.  Just remember that to fish in NSW you will require a fishing permit which can be obtained on the NSW fisheries website.  To get an idea of the scenery and fishing in the region keep an eye out for the video on the Outside Edge Adventures Facebook and Instagram pages.